Fair Places

In our connected society everyone gets the same treatment, we accelerate the changes in the built environment, for everyone

Sustainable Places

We improve your place. Become aware of your resources and take control for a sustainable life.

Progressive Places

In today's fast-paced society doing is not enough. We form a solution that will be kept up-to-date ensuring that your place is always what you need it to be.

Case Study

The Case Study will be available soon.

Tenant Satisfaction
Resource Savings

Smart Place

Smart Home

Smart Building

Smart City

Smart Logistics

Smart Retail

Smart Healthcare

Smart Factory

Smart Agriculture

Intelligent Cloud Platform

With our platform for Smart Places we accelerate changes in the built environment. We enable your smart place, smart building and smart life.


Our open-ended eco-system allows you to choose your optimal service provider to simplify life and save money for everyone.

Vertical Solutions as-a-Service

We enable real-time co-operation between a value network. Creating efficiency, reducing costs and saving resources in all instances.